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The MCE team has conducted thousands of asbestos and mold abatement projects for engineering consulting firms, public utilities, general contractors, state and federal agencies, commercial businesses, and residential clients.

Our personnel are trained and licensed in multiple states throughout the northeast, ensuring every abatement project is performed safely, efficiently, and completely.

Regardless of the job scope, duration or complexity, MCE can offer a comprehensive solution that gets the job done.

Abatement &  Decontamination

 Abatement & Decontamination Services

  • Commercial and Residential Abatements

    • Tile and Mastic
    • Transite panels
    • Insulation
    • PCB Caulking
  • Bulk Asbestos Soil Disposal​
Job site with asbestos contamination

Abatement & Facility Decontamination

USS Cassin Young

Charlestown Navy Yard, MA

The former WWII destroyer, the USS Cassin Young, now serves as a museum at the Boston National Historical Park at the Charlestown Navy Yard. The National Park Service turned to MCE to abate asbestos and clean fuel tanks on the historic naval ship, so maintenance crews could safely perform repairs to the ship’s hull.


MCE was contracted to remove and repair asbestos containing materials from 10 separate areas of the ship. The abatement and remediation aboard a historical naval vessel involved some unusual complexities. The tight quarters of the ship required creative engineering of containments and abatement plans to remove and repair the asbestos while preserving and respecting the historical integrity of the vessel. Additionally, several areas could not be abated until MCE disassembled parts of the vessel to access the asbestos.


The MCE crew also took extreme care to protect the historic ship during the cleaning of 18 fuel tanks and bilge spaces from fuel contamination. The cleaning process involved pumping fuel out of each tank, some of which had been sitting since 1960, followed by a thorough cleaning and securing gas-free certifications.


The 4-month project was completed on-time and within budget, for which MCE was commended for its team’s professionalism and performance.

MCE  repair of 793 Cassin Young
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