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MCE on site remediation & restoration
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As a full-service remediation contractor, MCE has addressed and resolved a broad spectrum of environmental cleanup projects at impacted sites throughout the East Coast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast.

Our collaborative approach, and vast experience ensures we can effectively and efficiently deliver a customized cleanup solution for every type of project – from the routine to the complex.

Site Remediation & Restoration

Our Residential Services Include:

 Site Remediation & Restoration Services

  • Excavation, Transportation, and Disposal

  • Treatment System Installation

  • Test Pitting

  • Oil/Water Separator Cleaning

  • UST and AST Cleaning and Removal

  • Pigeon Guano Removal

  • Vacuum Excavation

  • Erosion control installation

MCE trucks removing hazardous materials

Site Remediation & Restoration

Naval Station Fitness Center

Newport, RI

With plans in the works to build a new fitness center at the Newport Rhode Island Naval Station, MCE was contracted to support the remediation of the site prior to construction as the soil at the was found to be contaminated with asbestos. During the initial project phase, MCE managed contaminated slurry from the pile driving operation. The slurry was pumped into a sludge box and transferred to a dewatering staging area for phase separation. MCE stabilized the remaining slurry with quicklime and managed the offsite disposal of both the water and stabilized slurry.

At the soil remediation phase, MCE constructed a modified asbestos containment process including decontamination zones for personnel and heavy equipment, as well as a truck wash station to ensure that no contamination left the area. MCE excavated and loaded dump trailers to haul the contaminated soil off-site for disposal. During excavation, dewatering of the site became necessary. Due to the level of contamination, the water also needed to be managed for off-site disposal.

Throughout this multi-phase abatement and decontamination project, the MCE team worked closely with the base staff to coordinate appropriate equipment, specialized vehicles, and personnel to minimize disruption to the installation. By project end, MCE had processed over 13,000 tons of soil and 250,000 gallons of water.

U.S. Navy Newport RI sign
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